Spoil Your Customers: Competing With the Standard

I often listen to music while I work and find myself on different music platforms each time. Last night I was on one I use often and I found myself getting frustrated when a song I’ve searched for numerous times wasn’t the first one to pop up in the results. I was upset that the service didn’t intuitively know what I wanted to hear based on my past usage. Then it quickly dawned on me. There isn’t anything wrong with this service, in fact this service was amazing. It allowed me to do everything I’d wished I could do with music just a few years ago, but yet I was disappointed. Why? Because I’ve been spoiled. Spoiled by the standard set by every innovative company out there for speed, convenience and personalized results.

Sounds irrational? It is, welcome to your modern day consumers. The modern consumer doesn’t care how much better you are than the rest in your industry, they care about the same amount of convenience they receive from the companies they interact with daily. Their thinking is, Amazon offers one click purchase, why don’t you? Apple’s products are intuitively easy to use, why aren’t yours? Netflix knows what I like, how come you don’t? This changes the way “competition” is viewed. Your competitive advantage will no longer be being just a tad bit better than the next company in your industry. Your competitive advantage lies in doing things as good as the best company out there or better. Better yet, finding your own way to spoil your customers.


Sean Dudayev is the founder of The Thinker's Tantrum and currently consulting dozens of entrepreneurs in their start up efforts. His passion is making the world a better place through consumer oriented business and writing about himself in third person.

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