The Thinker’s Tantrum is a place where all thinkers can come to vent. If you’re an expert at anything, we encourage you to use the Thinker’s Tantrum platform to vent about your field of expertise. Whether you’re a small business owner, athlete, scientist or sales expert, there is an audience waiting to hear you throw your tantrum. Throwing your tantrum here will allow you to reach a large audience through our highly-marketed content platform.

There are many benefits to becoming a Thinker, but there are also requirements.


Unlike other platforms, we offer benefits that are appealing to our Thinker’s.

  1. Compensation – The Thinker’s Tantrum offers free content to our readers. Because we are customer centric platform, we do not charge our readers. Our website is monetized through ads and product promotion, only for products that our Thinker’s use(ed). As a Thinker, you will be paid a percentage of all the ad commissions that your posts generate. You will also have the right to promote products in your posts if they’re approved by the administrator.
  2. Exposure – TTT is constantly marketed through all digital channels and your posts are highly likely to end up in front of many users. The users will come from different channels, including but not limited to: search engines, social media platforms, email marketing and referrals. This means that once your post goes live it will continue to generate interest if there is market for your audience.
  3. Building Your Resume – building your personal brand is a direct result of becoming a Thinker. Having your posts published here will help build on your thought leader brand and help further your authority in your industry.
  4. Customer Acquisition – depending on your industry, if your expertise piques someone’s interest they may want to hire you. Whether you’re a marketing consultant or a personal trainer, this platform can be used to build your clientele.


There are a few requirements to become a Thinker for The Thinker’s Tantrum.

  1. Expertise – must have acquired a high level of expertise in any given subject(s). There is no limit to the subject matter if you’re a qualified expert.
  2. Content Quality – each piece of content you submit will be reviewed and has the right to be rejected if it doesn’t meet the content quality guidelines. There are no limits on revisions, if your posts are rejected you can revise and resubmit without limits.
  3. 100% – all the Thinkers give 100% of their effort, and we are all only as strong as our weakest link. We ask that you give 100% to every post you submit.

Content is not limited to written content. You can submit videos, infographics, audio files, presentations, etc.

How it Works

The process is simple:

  1. Fill out the short application below. Tell us a little about yourself and your level of expertise.
  2. Send us some samples of your work or ideas/drafts for potential posts.
  3. Once you’re approved you will be given a login where you will submit all your work for review.
  4. You’re free to throw your Tantrum.


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