The Thinker’s Tantrum is an online professional content platform. Our mission is to deliver expert content of the highest quality to professionals in every industry worldwide.  Our thinkers are qualified experts delivering educational content to all learners out there using the power of the internet as a medium. The Thinker’s Tantrum was founded to eliminate the frustration of those seeking content with substance in their industry. All or nothing is our motto, 100% is our mantra.

The Pillars of The Thinker’s Tantrum

The Thinker’s Tantrum is a company built on the foundation of three simple words. Words, that when put into action, can make the world a better place. The three T’s of the Thinker’s Tantrum are: Truth, Trust and Togetherness.

thinker pillar 1The 1st Pillar

Truth – you as the consumer can count on everything recommended on this platform to be the truth of the thinker. We stand on firm on telling our readers the reality of our experience and will never recommend something we don’t believe in for the sake of compensation. In return for 100% honesty, we ask that you give us the same. Whether you have found our content to be less than the best or instead, if we have positively impacted your course of action, we want to know your truth.

Truth is a gem that is often buried behind feelings of anxiousness. There is a fear that if let truth shine bright, that our likability will dim, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. If we embrace honesty among each other, we will all grow from it.

thinker pillar 1

The 2nd Pillar

Trust –  is something to be earned, not given. However, once it’s earned, it can be easily taken away. It takes a long time to build trust between two entities, and only minutes to destroy it. The Thinker’s Tantrum earns the readers trust with 100% transparency. We promise that you will know everything we know, with no exception. This pillar only exists if the truth precedes it.

Trust is a trait that makes any relationship stronger. It has the power to remove the doubt of loyalty and the fear of betrayal. When trust invades a relationship, it leaves no room for fear. We will do everything to earn your trust, and guarantee to keep it.

thinker pillar 1

The 3rd Pillar

Togetherness – without this we wouldn’t be where we are today. Not just the Thinker’s Tantrum, but us, humanity. We got here by working together, and the Thinkers continue to work so that you’re provided with information that is useful to you, something that has substance. The Thinker’s Tantrum platform is a way for the Thinkers who have found success in their respective industries to give back. Without the learners, the Thinker’s couldn’t be heard or valued, and most importantly, wouldn’t exist.

The Thinker’s Tantrum is a community that believes we’re all in this together and we should all work hard to make each other’s lives better, that, is why the Thinkers exist. Knowingly or unknowingly, we all get up every day and work towards a common goal: the greater good. We all do work we are able to do so that others can focus on their craft, so that we can all make the world a better place for generations to come. This pillar, is about giving back any way you know how.

These pillars, like any pillars, can’t hold up unless all are standing together. We cannot work together if do not trust each other and there is no trust without the truth.

What you can expect from The Thinker’s Tantrum is nothing less than 100%.

Founder of The Thinker’s Tantrum

Sean Dudayev is the Founder of The Thinker’s Tantrum. The idea for the Thinker’s Tantrum was born while building his first startup: InsureChance Inc. Here is why he started TTT in his own words:

Sean Dudayev“While building InsureChance I noticed there was a lack of substance in the majority of web content. Everything was click bait and it was frustrating. Every blog was just a copy of another blog on Google’s first page. Content marketing has become plagiarism at its finest. If you wanted information with substance, you had to shell out big bucks, and when bootstrapping your startup, that isn’t always an option. I decided that I wanted to fill that void for all people of the internet. ”

After successfully exiting InsureChance Inc. Sean Dudayev pursued growing The Thinker’s Tantrum full time. Today he spends his time on growing TTT, serving as a marketing director to multiple companies, and consulting dozens of entrepreneurs with their start up efforts.